What you need
You will need to have the QuickTime Movie plug-in from Apple installed in order to see these panoramic movies. The latest version of which maybe downloaded here if it doesn't load automatically.

Use the controls to zoom in and out, and 'click and drag' your mouse to move left and right within the image. 

Click for Panoramic Great Pulteney Street
The front entrance of the three Georgian buildings making up the Carfax Hotel, in Thomas Baldwin's famous 1789 Street.
Click for Panoramic Laura Place
The roundabout at the top of Great Pulteney Street affording views of Henrietta Street, Argyle Street and Pulteney Bridge.
Click for Panoramic Henrietta Park 
Beautiful small park to the rear of the hotel, this movie taken in autumn is covered in a brown carpet of leaves.
Click for Panoramic Holburne Museum 
One of Jane Austen's haunts, this elegant building is situated at the western end of Great Pulteney Street.
Click for Panoramic Sydney Park 
Just beyond the Holburne Museum this richly diverse park offers many secluded places to retreat from the city.
Click for Panoramic Bath Abbey & Pump Room
This movie shows the west window of Bath Abbey, the entrance to the Roman Baths, and the Pump Room exterior.
Click for Panoramic The Parade Gardens
The camera is positioned in the park to include a view of Pulteney Bridge, some of the gardens and Bath Abbey.
Click for Panoramic The Public Lounge 
One of the first floor drawing rooms, this elegant public room retains its original fireplace and huge casement windows.