Terms & Conditions for
Conference and Group Bookings

The following terms and conditions are intended to help both group organisers and reservations to deal with each booking efficiently. It is important that sufficient information is received in advance so that the centre is able to prepare to meet the specific needs of each group.

Provisional bookings
These can be accepted up to 18 months in advance of the arrival date via email, website, fax, letter or telephone. Reservations will send an acknowledgement of the booking to the organiser and keep a copy of the provisional reservation.

Organisers must make an assessment of numbers likely to be in the party and the number of room types required at the provisional booking stage, unless they wish to book the entire centre when the minimum number rates will apply (31 rooms x two thirds of the agreed room rate).

The agreed time by which a deposit must be received will be stipulated in writing at this stage.

Confirmation & Deposit
A deposit of £30 per person is necessary to confirm a reservation. Deposits must be paid at least 9 months prior to the intended date of arrival, or at the time of booking if there is less than 9 months to that date. If the organiser cannot indicate group requirements, they must be able to defray the minimum centre charge (see above).

Unless a confirmation letter and deposit is received then the booking will be automatically released after the agreed time. The organiser will be informed of this by reservations.

Bookings are only considered confirmed when the organiser has received a letter and receipt for the deposit from the Centre.

You are encouraged to take out group Insurance in advance, to protect members who are forced to cancel because of illness and family deaths, please ask about this at the time of booking.

Changes to group numbers
Minor revisions to the numbers can be received up to 3 months prior to the date of arrival (subject to the minimum centre charge for whole centre bookings). These changes must be in writing and acknowledged by reservations. Significant changes will incur a loss of the £30 per person deposit on each cancellation, and if it can be seen that the centre will lose revenue, may incur further charges outlined below.

The numbers confirmed at three months in advance will be used as the basis of the final account and to assess any cancellation charges.

Cancellation Charges
Cancellation or significant reductions in numbers from those notified are subject to the following terms as follows: - 

Up to 12 weeks prior to arrival date 45% of total cost
Up to 21 days prior to arrival date 70% of total cost
Less that 21 days to arrival date  95% of total cost

Prior to Arrival
Times of arrival with final numbers should be sent to reservations within 14 days of the groupís arrival.

Final Payment
Payment must be made in full at the time of arrival, unless credit facilities have been agreed for invoicing out, in which case payment must be made within 14 days of departure

General Information
Unless agreed otherwise, the centre will book surplus rooms to other groups or individuals, and conference rooms will be allocated according to the size of group where facilities are to be shared.

The Centre reserves the right to refuse to accept a booking if it becomes apparent that the group aims are in conflict with the aims and objectives of the centre. The Group is the client and must therefore take responsibility for any damage caused and additional costs incurred.

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