Carfax Hotel is owned by the Salvation Army and as such has registered charity status.

It was originally part of what was known as the British Red Shield Services providing ‘lodging, board, recreation and other comforts…for men and women away from home’. Clearly this mission has been redefined somewhat over the last two decades, but the hotel’s essential purpose is maintained in the services rendered to the community, other charities and educational bodies.

Booking rooms and providing services to visitors to the city and holiday-makers supports the work and enables a wide range of people to enjoy a very beautiful location.

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A Little History of the Salvation Army


The Hotel has recently signed the charter of the Business Environment Association (Bath & District) and as such recognises that sustainable development is a major environmental, economic and social issue affecting all types and sizes of business.

We agree that taking steps to minimise environmental impact is something we should do for the benefit of our business, the local economy, the community and for future generations

In recent years we have reviewed our activities and introduced a variety of measures to improve our environmental performance. These measures include purchasing local produce wherever possible, endeavouring to ensure suppliers trade fairly, and reducing waste and energy usage.


Traidcraft products are offered in the dining room and with the  beverage-making facilities in bedrooms. Our own staff are encouraged to use travel allowances for public transport, cycles, or car sharing.

We are continuing to review and improve our environmental performance and ask guests to make suggestions to aid us in this process. Please contact Sylvia Back via email: .

Carfax Hotel. Last revised April 2002