The stunning roman remains over Bath's natural hot springs is one of those must sees of any trip to England.

Roman Baths from above
The descent to the Roman Baths really is an incredible step back in time. The remains give a vivid impression of life nearly 2000 years ago. The baths, built next to Britain's only hot spring, served the sick and the pilgrims visiting the adjacent Temple of Sulis Minerva.

The Spring was a sacred site lying within the courtyard of the Temple. Votive offerings and temple treasures discovered during the excavations of the Spring can be seen in the museum display. Personal audio tours in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese are available.

Today the Temple Courtyard is beneath the Pump Room. This building, designed by Thomas Baldwin, became a popular meeting place in the 18th century when Bath became the leading resort for fashionable society.

Roman Baths interior

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Click this link to read a comprehensive article by Bruce Heydt entitled Bath's Sacred Spring which covers a lot of the bath's long history.