Click for a panoramic view of Henrietta Park in Autumn

Panoramic Movie Click here for a panoramic view of the park in Autumn.


Carfax's garden! Step through the back door, pass the Carriage House, and you're in one of Bath's most beautiful parks.

Henrietta Park towards Sydney

This pleasant 7 acre park is situated close to the city centre and was laid out and opened to celebrate the Diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria of 1897, it contains many fine trees, extensive shrubberies and beautiful flower beds. There is also an exquisite landscaped Garden of Remembrance dedicated to George V, a perfect place to retreat from the city with a book.


Henrietta Laura Pulteney

by Angelica Kauffmann
Oil on Canvas, 1783.
The Holburne Museum

Henrietta Laura Pulteney by Kauffmann